A significant number of NIS America titles will soon be much more expensive on PC

In a baffling move, NIS America has announced that it will be increasing the base price for 15 of its releases on PC from July 19, 2021.

Occasionally, digital titles will receive a permanent price cuts to help keep sales up. However, outside of early access titles, this might be the first time we’ve seen prices actually increase instead — and these aren’t minor changes.

As shown by @SkyCladBrent on Twitter, most of the games affected have doubled in price. In fact, Phantom Brave, which is currently only $4.99/£3.99, will soon be four times the price (possibly due to the upcoming Switch port).

Meanwhile, Ys VIII and Labyrinth of Refrain are both returning to their original base prices after being reduced last year. Cutting the base prices, only to suddenly increase them again later, is weird to say the least.

The response to this news has, unsurprisingly, been overwhelmingly negative. What doesn’t help is the fact that NIS America has given no explanation for the price changes — just a short tweet and a plain list. Considering the backlash, it would be wise for NIS America to state its intentions behind increasing the cost of these games, regardless of whether they backtrack or not.

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