Playable Marian and Provie confirmed for River City Girls 2

WayForward has revealed new details for its upcoming beat-’em-up River City Girls 2, including the addition of two new playable characters.

Double Dragon’s Marian and River City Ransom Underground’s Provie will join Kyoko, Misako, Kunio, and Riki as they brawl their way through River City once more. Marian’s appearance is quite different from that of her mainline series’, though she did show up in the first River City Girls as a shopkeeper.

With River City Girls 2 also including online multiplayer, a larger roster should make for more varied gameplay. While only 2-player co-op has been announced so far, there’s definitely space for more players in the updated UI.

River City Girls 2 Marian Provie screenshot

Both new arrivals can be seen in action thanks to a handful of fresh screenshots released by WayForward. The game retains the same excellent pixel art of its predecessor, and should look even better in motion.

River City Girls 2 launches for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam some time during 2022.

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