Pop’n Music Lively announced, gets PC beta

 Pop’n Music Lively announced, gets PC beta

Despite their current reputation, Konami do still make games every now and then. Pop’n Music Lively is the latest entry in the Pop’n Music series, which is also part of the Bemania series as a whole.

The Pop’n Music games are mainly known through their arcade releases, sporting cabinets with nine buttons. In fact, the last non-arcade Pop’n Music release was nearly 10 years ago.

Currently available on PC, the ongoing beta has a small tracklist of 5 songs. Even though the beta is only intended for Japanese audiences, anyone can download it as long as they create a Konami ID. Once registered, the Pop’n Music Lively beta can downloaded here.

One nice touch with the download page is the log-in CAPTCHA, that makes use of various Konami franchises like Bomberman and Tokimeki Memorial (thanks Gaming Hell for the screenshot!)

There’s no end date set for the beta right now, so give it a look if you’re even remotely interested in rhythm games. If the previous games are anything to go by, Pop’n Music Lively will probably not make its way to English speaking countries.

Isaac Todd
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