Project Diva F Is Coming To The West!

Hatsune Miku fans have wanted this since the original PSP game, and it seems like Sega have heard them – a Project Diva game is getting an English release. Project Diva F, the console port of Project Diva f (notice the lowercase f), was released in Japan during March this year.



According to the announcement, the English release is going to include everything that has been added to the Japanese version since its original release. That means that there’s a total of 38 songs, along with a to of costumes and accessories for the entire cast. It’s nice to see that this release is being handled well in the West, considering this is the first Project Diva game to make it here.



The game is slated for release during August 2013, with a demo being available June 11th for the U.S. and June 12th for Europe. Project Diva F will be available to purchase both physically and digitally in the U.S., while us Europeans are stuck with digital only. Thankfully, PS3 games are region free, so you can import the U.S. version when it’s released (like I plan to!)


You can view the full announcement here.

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