Rabi-Ribi An Adorable Bullet Hell Platformer

I get excited whenever a new promising doujin game is announced. This time Sekai Project brings more doujin mayhem with Rabi-Ribi, one of the wackiest platformers you will see this year.




Rabi-Ribi is a platfomer, shooter, bullet hell, RPG and metroidvania game in one. You will go around collecting power-ups and exploring the intricate map, slowly opening up new pathways as your bunny girl learns new skills. At first you will be jumping and whacking enemies with your hammer, but soon you will meet up with a fairy who allows you to launch projectiles at your foes. Expect challenging but fair gameplay as you scrape by every boss.



There is even a decent story in this game. You play as Erina, a normal rabbit who unexpectedly turned into a human. She runs into Ribbon, a powerful fairy who aids her on her journey. Together they will meet countless quirky characters and venture through a variety of surprisingly unique locations.


The game is coming to Steam early this year. But why wait? Grab the demo now!


Rabi-Ribi Beta Demo

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