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Root Double is getting a limited physical release… for the

Yes, you read that title correctly. Even in 2020, the Vita is still getting new physical releases. This limited edition release of Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition is being handled by eastasiasoft, in partnership with Sekai Games and developer Regista. The Vita version of Root Double is already an odd one, […]Read More

Exclusive: Studio Coattails’ Next Project is National Park Girls

We’re pleased to be announcing Studio Coattail’s next project, National Park Girls, which is a 5-episode visual novel focusing on national parks. Eve works at Yosemite National Park, where she’s working to fulfil her dream of protecting and preserving nature, but budgets – and people – get in the way.     The bio for […]Read More

Shining Song Starnova Review (PC)

Shining Song Starnova caught my interest as it’s an idol story that delves into the behind-the-scenes of the business, and it isn’t all glitz and glamour. I wanted the girls of Starnova, who are considered past their prime or not suitable to be an idol for other reasons, to succeed, and it was up to […]Read More

What’s Going On With Sekai Project?

If reports on Twitter are accurate, and I can’t see why they would not be in this case, then Sekai Project has just laid off an entire office. We’re unsure about freelancers and remote workers at this time, but we’ve reached out to see if Sekai Project can clarify this and their plans going forward. […]Read More

NarKarma Engine A Teaser Trailer Released

Sekai Project has released a NarKarma Engine A teaser trailer, giving us our first details about the upcoming game! NarKarma Engine A is an upcoming TRPG-inspired title from Novectacle, the developer of The House in Fata Morgana, and is described as “An RPG where you’re both the hero and the final boss”. Check out the […]Read More

Sekai Project Confirms Rewrite+ for Western Release

Sekai Project announced at Anime Expo that Rewrite+ will be getting a western release on PC! Rewrite+ is the complete version of Rewrite, and features all the additional content from the ports, such as additional illustrations, character art for Inoue, and full voicework! The Harvest festa! fan disc will also be included.   Kotarou Tennoji […]Read More

Steam Summer Sale 2017 – The Biggest Deals for Japanese

The Steam Summer Sale is back! It’s one of a handful of massive sales Steam runs throughout the year, but there’s something about the summer one that just feels so… fresh. These days, all the games are at their maximum discount day one. This can make it harder to find the mega, mega deals on […]Read More

Humble Sekai Project Bundle Offers Loads of Visual Novels!

Humble Bundle is ready to cater to your visual novel needs with the Humble Sekai Project Bundle! If you pay $12 (around £9.30), you can treat yourself to a staggering 17 Sekai Project visual novels, including titles such as NEKOPARA and Narcissu! The offer ends June 20th.     Pay $1+ for: – fault – milestone one […]Read More

Top 5 Bizarre English Otome Games

Ah, otome games. It is the genre that sweeps women off their feet, that sets their hearts aflutter and brings a rosy glow to their cheeks. Nothing brings me more joy than writing about… Wait a second. What was the title of this article again? ‘Top 5 Bizarre…’ Oh no. Oh gosh. You don’t seriously […]Read More

Upcoming English Otome Games You Don’t Want to Miss!

2017 is, without a doubt, the year of otome! There are lots of upcoming otome games to look forward to, some of which will be released this year and others of which have just been announced! With such a wide variety of romance-themed visual novels appearing on the market, I thought it would be a […]Read More