What’s Going On With Sekai Project?

If reports on Twitter are accurate, and I can’t see why they would not be in this case, then Sekai Project has just laid off an entire office. We’re unsure about freelancers and remote workers at this time, but we’ve reached out to see if Sekai Project can clarify this and their plans going forward.


The company have helped to bring many games over to our shores on PC, including Highway Blossoms, Clannad, The Fruit of Grisaia and Fatal Twelve, and plans going forward had been very bright for them. This might only affect the one office, and the company may continue as usual but, regardless, laying off an office suddenly is never good news.


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The news was broken when Josh, the Head of Studio Elan, broke the news on Twitter. Frances Delgado, Brand Manager at Sekai Project, has also since tweeted about it.


I’ve reached out to Sekai Project for any clarification, but for now I, and Rice Digital, hopes that anybody affected by these layoffs land on their feet.


*UPDATE* Sekai Project has gotten back to us, but there isn’t much to glean from their reply. Those hoping for good news about current projects can relax, though. Read the response below.


Thanks for writing in. We are committed to fulfilling all of our existing projects at this time.


And Sekai Project has now touched on the situation themselves, via an update on their TOKYO CHRONOS Kickstarter, that claims the office was closed “Due to the necessity of restructuring the company to better take on the changes in the market, these layoffs were an unfortunate consequence.”, and it’s a shame that this has come as such a shock to those affected, as communication is key.


You can read the full statement here.

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