Norse cyberpunk visual novel Gods of the Twilight is coming to PC this November

Today, indie studio Volutian Design has revealed their upcoming multi-season episodic visual novel, Gods of the Twilight, with the game’s first five episodes slated for release on November 14th, 2023.

Gamers are invited to discover New Reykjavík, a city-ship set in a futuristic and dystopian world (at this rate, what future isn’t dystopian?) while playing as dual protagonists Althea and Farkas. These two city-ship citizens and reincarnated deities must navigate their roles in a decaying world while evading high-tech cultists, uncovering ancient truths and discovering their own arcane abilities, all as the apocalypse approaches. 

Althea and Farkas’ futures will be decided by player choices, with interdependent choices playing off of each other and carrying over between chapters. Gods of the Twilight is designed to confront players with difficult decisions that can affect their own stats and uncover new options. There’s no question that their world will end – but with hundreds of variables, you can at least decide how it goes down.

While the game claims to offer “choices” over “routes”, player decisions will affect the game’s ending, and can take you through a variety of branching paths.

Gods of the Twilight screenshot

Gods of the Twilight also promises some social simulation features, with players able to forge relationships with NPCs who can become friends, rivals, or perhaps even something more – romance mechanics are entirely optional, but can also be used to form the ultimate polycule. The choice is yours.

Together, Althea and Farkas must navigate a complex network of potential allies and adversaries, which includes deities, mythical creatures, governmental bodies, powerful corporations, and criminal organizations. All dialogue is fully voice acted – music to my ears – with featured voice talents including Amina Koroma (Baldur’s Gate III) and Kelsey Jaffer (Genshin Impact).

The first five chapters of Gods of the Twilight will be releasing into Steam Early Access for Windows PC, Mac and Linux on November 14th this year. If you just can’t wait, a demo is available to play on Steam or

Gods of the Twilight screenshot
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