Pocket Bravery is out now on PC (and coming soon to consoles)

Inspired by classic fighting games such as Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters, Pocket Bravery promises modern gameplay with a retro twist.

Good news for PC gamers and/or fighting game fans – Pocket Bravery is out now! This 2D pixel-art modern-retro fighting game is returning to the roots of the genre with 90s-inspired aesthetics and a unique elemental-based combat system.

Pocket Bravery gameplay

Pocket Bravery utilises a Neo Geo Pocket-like aesthetic to render 12 unique player characters, each with distinct animations and playstyles designed for beginners and high-level players alike. I was recently able to give the demo a quick go, and while I definitely still suck at fighting games, the mechanics were merciful enough to let me get a few licks in.

Pocket Bravery offers local and online multiplayer, with online play using “rollback netcode” for minimal lag. On top of that, you can practice playstyles and hone your sick combos using Story Mode (following scrappy main character Nuno) and Arcade Mode.

Pocket Bravery gameplay

Pocket Bravery is out now on PC, and coming soon to major consoles. Check out the Steam page here!

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