Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Review (PS Vita)

Boobs, breasts, tits, melons, puppies, jugs, that’s what this game is about. Even from Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus’s Vita icon and splash screen the game already greets you with these two slightly oversized bundles of joy. But despite its focus, there is a surprisingly good game beneath all this, featuring enough content to keep you entertained for quite a while.


Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus serves as a continuation to the story. You will find old friends and meet new ones. At the beginning you get to pick one of three schools, being: the Hanzo, Gessen and Hebijo Academy. Each school has its own story spanning five different chapters. The story is told through a visual novel, with 3D portraits, and allows players to click on terms to learn more about the universe.


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Even though it features a story mode don’t come expecting anything too deep. Still it does what it’s there for, giving the characters a reason to fight and tying it all in with the gampelay. For those that want to see more of their favorite girl, there is always a Shinobi Girl’s Heart mode that is a ridiculous mini story covering each of the girls.


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Behind all the jiggly breasts lies a very competent fighter, which has the likes of parries, combo breaks and taunts. While you shouldn’t come expecting the depth of a modern 2D fighter, the gameplay has enough substance to keep you engaged just long enough for you to see the credits rolling.


Where Senran Kagura Burst on the 3DS was a mostly 2D side-scroller, Shinovi Versus steps up a notch and introduces the series to a fully 3D world, having a more Dynasty Warriors vibe. Missions usually consist of battling wave after wave of weaker enemies until it’s time for your true opponent to appear. The combat is quick and responsive and the characters are as detailed as ever. Keeping the battles from becoming too repetitive is the variety of characters to choose from. Each girl has her own play style, featuring characteristic combos, moves and ultimate attacks.


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As you battle it out you will level up your character and unlock new combos. Each character also has three forms. There is the Flash or normal form, where the girl wears her school uniform and has an overall balanced fighting style. Next you have the Yang form, where the girls transform into their shinobi outfit, increasing both their defense and offense while fully healing. Finally there is the Yin or Frantic mode, in which you transform by groping your girls breasts. In this form they strip into their lingerie, which naturally greatly increases their attack power the cost of their defense.


You start the battle in the normal mode and can transform into one of those two forms, remaining in that form until the end of the battle. Transformations are a risk reward system. Do you wait until the last second and transform into your shinobi outfit, healing in the process, or do you immediately go all out in Frantic mode. Each of these forms levels as you use them, which in turn unlocks new combos.


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What makes Shinovi Versus so interesting is that it meshes its perverted nature with its gameplay quite well. Damaging enemies tears off their clothes, until they are left in nothing but their lingerie. When in Yin or Yang modes you character can unleash a special attack which not only deals much more damage, but also tears a piece of clothing off the opponent. Finishing off an opponent with these attacks while the opponent is in her lingerie will strip her naked. What’s also a nice touch is that their clothing persists in the following cutscene, making it that much more rewarding for finishing off an enemy with an ultimate attack.


Each girl is fully customizable. You can change the clothes for each girl for all three of her transformations. You may also add accessories to further customize her, allowing you to show off during the multiplayer modes. New items are available after each chapter and can be bought from the shop. There is also a lottery system in which you can unlock random new lingerie, all shapes and sizes.


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There is a lot of content here. Aside huge amount of customization, there are three distinct campaigns each with their side missions, as well as a forth school which unlocks once you complete the others. Each campaign takes around 10 hours to complete. And even after that you still have various online modes which allow you to play as one of the 20 available characters either in a team battle or versus mode.


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Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus has some of the best graphics you will find on the PlayStation Vita. Everything looks extremely sharp and smooth. The boobs jiggle, the the clothes tear off and the heroines jump into suggestive poses with each special attack. Despite all of this, the game has no framerate issues, which is especially important for the fast paced combat featured here.


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The Verdict

When all its sexual content is placed aside, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus is a competent fighter. While its story may be subpar, it’s simple but enjoyable gameplay as well as the sheer number of options make this an addictive title. I strongly suggest Senran Kagura Shonovi Versus for all Vita owners, both for those looking for an enjoyable action game and for those looking for a bit of… something else.


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