Rice Digital is MCV Awards 2018 Finalist for Independent Retailer

We’re constantly aiming to grow and improve as a website, but I’m incredibly proud at how far we’ve been able to come over the last couple of years especially. I think we’re pretty unique as an editorial site that also has its finger on the pulse as a retailer for fans by fans too.


2017 was a great year for us, both editorially speaking, and with our online store. I’m really proud of how much we’ve been able to grow, and how the community has grown around it and offered support every step of the way. The combination of full-on editorial, and a store, really makes me feel like Rice is for fans, and by fans as a website.


That’s why it’s so great to be recognised as a finalist for the MCV Awards 2018 for the milestones we’ve reached, as a finalist for Independent Retailer. We’re alongside some other great stores that offer up specialist product for great communities. It’s up to the judges who wins, but we hope you will continue to support us, as that’s (as always) the true award.



The MCV Awards 2018 are 8th March, and celebrates other industry categories too, so take a look at the nominations from across the board! Tickets to the event are also available.


Thanks everyone for helping us make it this far!


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