Rice Digital Review System

Hello everyone! Yes, we do review scores now. We’ve decided to dish out scores for games we review to make it simple and easy to see the ones we absolutely loved and the ones we didn’t.



We decided to use one of the easiest and most simple review systems there is – an out of 5 system. This makes it easy for us to land on a broad and focused score for a game without having to worry too much about details or where it falls on a super wide bar. That’s what the review text is for! We’ll be featuring .5s, but we feel there’s a difference in what is meant by that as opposed to in between numbers on an out of 10 system. For instance, we’re more likely to use .5s to differentiate games higher up the scale than ones we simply did not like and do not need such elaboration or fine detail.


We also don’t want to be too precious about our scores. If we feel like we really loved a game we’re going to give it the highest marks we can justify, and if we didn’t think the game was very good that will be reflected too. If a game has flaws but we loved it anyway, then more than likely that will be reflected with a high score – and if you want to know the details, well, that’s why we write the reviews!


Simply put our 5 Rice Bowl system translates as:
1 – Bad
2 – Subpar
3 – Good
4 – Very Good
5 – Excellent


What could be simpler than that?


We’ll still be writing reviews with as much detail as we can. We just wanted to make it even easier to distinguish some of the great games we love! Here’s to many great games and scores in the future! As an example, our 5 star rating style is at the bottom of this post!

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