PQube Launches Hunger Dungeon Greenlight Campaign on Steam

PQube have announced this morning a Hunger Dungeon Greenlight campaign on Steam. It joins PQube’s growing Greenlight workshop after the recently successful Don’t Distrub. Hunger Dungeon is a little bit different though — a 6 player sprite-based MOBA packed with action!


Take a look at Hunger Dungeon on Steam Greenlight.



You can get a sense of the kind of action on offer from the trailer above! Hunger Dungeon is developed by BuKa Game Studio from Taiwan. It’s a free-to-play game that will have some premium elements. The premium element will give players access to more characters and equipment.


PQube Launches Hunger Dungeon Greenlight Campaign 1


I’ve gotten hands on briefly with an early build of the game, and can say it’s pretty fun. The game can get as hectic as it looks, and all of the characters feel properly unique to play. I was playing with the devs and I will say I got my ass handed to me by them more than a few times. Even with that said it was pretty easy and simple to just pick up and play, but with a lot of room for upgrades and customisation.


PQube Launches Hunger Dungeon Greenlight Campaign 2


It’s a pretty smart idea to have a free to start tier, as it should hopefully encourage a lot of people to give this a shot rather than having it just getting lost. And of course it’s super important to have an active community with an online focused game.


PQube Launches Hunger Dungeon Greenlight Campaign 3


2D battle style

Free-to-play and premium players play together

Up to 6 player online matches

A roster of distinctive characters

Skins for each individual character

30+ customizable skill scrolls

40+ customizable equipment

40+ stages to explore

Epic boss fights

PQube Launches Hunger Dungeon Greenlight Campaign 4


Consider throwing it a vote if it seems like the kind of thing you might be into!

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