Six Characters Still Missing From BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

As of earlier this week, we now have the full roster for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Although not handled in the best possible way, the roster is now both a decent size and fairly robust in terms of choice. That being said, I feel a few key characters are missing, and I wanted to discuss a few characters I feel are still missing in action.


I should probably specify before I start that, as I don’t know RWBY, I won’t be making any suggestions from that franchise (although please let me know your RWBY picks on Twitter or in the comments) so the characters will be two picks from each of the remaining three franchises. Also, please remember that this is my list of my opinions. Definitely respond with your own picks, because I would love to hear them, but make sure you respect mine. Good? Good.


Seth (Under Night In-Birth)


I have no idea what led to this character being missing from the roster, what with him being the main foil to Hyde in the story of Under Night In-Birth, not an antagonist per se, more of a rival, and yet Merkava getting in. Also, Seth’s move set from his core games would gel very well with the mechanics of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, what with him having only mildly complicated basic mechanics himself so it’s almost a crime that they didn’t capitalise on this.


Taokaka (BlazBlue)


Taokaka should really be in this game already, she’s a legacy character in BlazBlue and her wonderful nonsense would be so fitting in Cross Tag Battle. Also, we could have all of her ridiculous nicknames for the entire cast of the cross over, of which I really should think of some of these just for fun, and her adorable interactions with Ragna brought over to seal the deal. Also, some of the Kaka Clan are already in the game running the shop.


Teddie (Persona 4 Arena)


The Persona community have been making calls for this character to be in BBTAG, and I must admit that I completely agree with them. Teddie is fantastic, and creepily adorable, and so his lack of inclusion in this game is almost insulting. Also, if a character that has crazy nonsense in their move set like Platinum made it in, we know that this crazy nonsense can be reduced successfully into the simplified systems.


Hilda (Under Night In-Birth)


Cross Tag Battle does not have villains in it. I mean, it has Azrael, and Hazama I guess, but it doesn’t have any of the big villains of its individual franchises. While we’re at it though, if we can only have one villain, please let it be Hilda. She’s genuinely funny, surprisingly evil considering just how well she is dressed, and has a wonderfully irritating moveset, so she’ll be right at home fighting alongside (and against) the roster.


Celica A. Mercury (BlazBlue)


I must admit that this is a hugely selfish choice. Celica was my main in BlazBlue until Jubei came along and that perfect immortal cat-boy ruined everything. Celica is a doll character, using a separate character, Minerva, for the majority of her attacks, but as the two don’t operate autonomously, they would easily work in the game. Also, her penchant for healing her opponents as her victory pose would be a welcome moment of peace in a game that’s as chaotic as Cross Tag Battle.


Ken Amada & Koromaru (Persona 4 Arena)


This was looking like a really unlikely pick, as the franchise listing was for Persona 4 Arena, not the Ultimax edition. But now that we have Akihiko, and he’s a Persona 3 character, there is absolutely no reason why Ken and the cute floof Koromaru can’t be in the game. Also, as Koromaru is essentially summonable for certain attacks in the core game, this could easily translate across to BBTAG in a similar way to the way Personas work in the game.


Bonus Pick: Kajun Faycott (BlazBlue)


She’s already in the game, kinda, as the little chibi character that appears in the Entrance Lobby who will give help with navigating the game’s menus and such. However, despite her never being playable in BlazBlue, I genuinely believe that she should be as she is best friends with Noel, Makoto and Mai, and therefore went to the Academy and likely has combat training too! Besides, I love her personality in the Remix Heart story … just the perfect amount of sass.



So, those are my picks for more DLC in the future for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Do you agree with my choices, or utterly disagree? Are there characters that you would rather join the game? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, and keep an eye on Rice Digital in the future for more coverage of this title and other anime fighting games.

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