Blind Squirrel Games promises patch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate launch issues

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now fully available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC after a brief period of early access for Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Edition owners. However, what should have been a simple remaster of the Wii original ended up being marred by numerous bugs and graphical issues — though some reported problems were instead caused by emulation.

Blind Squirrel Games, the developer handling Sonic Colors: Ultimate, has since stated that a patch is being prepared to fix things “as soon as possible”, directing players running into problems towards Sega’s support page.

A patch is likely welcome news for those that have already picked the game up. However, even if most of the issues aren’t overly game-breaking, this shouldn’t have happened to start with. Despite the success of Sonic Mania, the Blue Blur’s reputation isn’t exactly the best nowadays, and even minor problems do little to help this.

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