Hump Day Husbandos: Auron (Final Fantasy X)

Hump Day Husbandos

What’s cooler than a grizzled warrior with a mysterious, likely dangerous past? A grizzled warrior with a mysterious, likely dangerous past and a giant sword. Saying that, it is easy to see the appeal of Auron of Final Fantasy X fame. In a game that has one of the most impressive (and scary) waifus in JRPG history, it is only fair that we shine a light on its best husbando as well.

This week for our Humpday Husbando, we’re celebrating Auron, the wandering guardian of Final Fantasy X who is there when Tidus starts his journey — and always seems to know a bit more than he is letting on.

Who is Auron?

Auron from Final Fantasy X

Some of the aspects of Auron are a major spoiler for one of the best entries in the Final Fantasy series, so forgive me if I keep things a bit vague for any younger fans who haven’t had a chance to dive into this classic. What I can say is that there is far more to this rugged, grizzled swordsman than you see on the surface. He is there when Zandarkand is destroyed and assists Tidus in surviving the event. Eventually the pair become Guardians to Yuna, who is attempting to defeat the monster known as Sin, but Auron insists that this is Tidus’ story, not his.

As the game goes on, we find out that Auron was a Guardian to Yuna’s father, the previous summoner fated to defeat Sin, as well as a close friend of Tidus’ father. Though he joins them on their journey, there is always something that he seems to be holding back. Some secret that he won’t give voice to that finally comes to light in the closing chapters of the story.

Why we love him

Auron from Final Fantasy X

Who doesn’t love a mysterious swordsman? It is a common trope for a reason. Auron is the kind of mentor character who always seems to know just a little bit more than he is letting on while not being smug about it. He has the air of someone who has seen all this before and knows what to expect, partly because he has and partly because that is just how cool he is.

We’re separated from Auron after the opening section of the game, but he shows up again several hours later. With his giant sword, scarred face and habit of taking a calm drink before a fight, he has an unflappable aura to him. He is a legitimate badass, but he also cares deeply for his friends and those he is sworn to protect. It becomes clear that he will do whatever is necessary to stop Sin, making him a great ally and a dangerous enemy.

He doesn’t have the drive to be heroic or famous, though his past actions have earned him enough fame to open a few doors for the party – and close a few others. He has a job to do and cannot rest until it is completed.

Why you’ll love him

Auron from Final Fantasy X

There is a case to be made for Auron being the most badass Final Fantasy character of all time. He might seem cold and distant, but there is nothing he wants more than to keep Tidus and Yuna safe. Sure, he’s got his secrets and they end up being pretty big ones, but you still trust him because he is never anything but honest with people. He is a man of few words and he lets his sword do most of the talking for him.

If you want to experience Auron’s story for yourself, Final Fantasy X has been ported to just about every system imaginable so you’re spoilt for options.

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