Steins;Gate 0 Anime to Premiere in Spring

The Steins;Gate 0 anime is due to begin airing this Spring, and new artwork has been released to amp us up for it. If you’ve played the game, then you’ll know that each cast member has a completely new outfit, and that there are a few fresh faces to meet!


steins;gate 0 anime


You can check out a bunch of the character artwork in the gallery below, which features our original cast including Okabe, Mayuri, Daru, Kurisu, Moeka, Luka, Faris and Suzuha, along with newcomer scientist Maho, Mayuri’s adopted daughter Kagari and Mayuri’s cosplay-loving friend Yuki. They’re all in order, so enjoy! If you haven’t watched the original Steins;Gate series, then I highly recommend doing so before tackling Steins;Gate 0.


Taking place in an alternate timeline where things go really badly towards the end of Steins;Gate, Okabe has become depressed and rejects studying time travel. All of the characters come together once more in a world where tensions are rising, and World War III is looming. To find a timeline where they can all live peacefully, Okabe needs to confront his past and jump through time, time and time again.


Steins;Gate 0 will begin airing in April.


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