Super Mario Run Trailers Show Off Gameplay

Nintendo have released two Super Mario Run trailers! The first is a trailer in the usual sense, showing off the gameplay. The second is a live-action trailer which, well, I’m not really sure what it’s for… Watch them below:



The first trailer is a fairly lengthy look at how the game plays, including different modes, such as the two-player head-to-head Toad Rally. There’s a lot to it for its very simple premise. It looks pretty fun, and also pretty addictive to play.


The second trailer is a live-action montage of people running, with a little parkour thrown in to replicate elements of the game. It’s an interesting approach, but it’s more like an ad for sportswear than a game trailer. And isn’t the music a little ominous? All the people chanting ‘run’ over and over… Hmm. It’s very dynamic though.


Super Mario Run trailers show off gameplay

Super Mario Run releases for iPhone and iPad on 15th December, with an Android release planned some time later. You can read more about the game here.

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