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Pro Gamer & Yogscast on Twitch at London MCM Comic

MCM was a great time, thanks everyone who made it out to see me and of course to see the trailer for my upcoming Pro Gamer recut short film that we are aiming to submit to Cannes.     Thanks of course go to all the people who have supported me so far – Tornado […]Read More

Rice Digital at London MCM October 2015

As usual we’re going to be at MCM this time around, and with a booth better than ever! We’re pulling out all the stops at London MCM October 2015, but before I tell you what we’ll have there, it’s best to show you where you can find us!     We’re located in the same […]Read More

The 2015 MCM Manchester Experience

I have a confession to make. This wasn’t just my first time at MCM Manchester… It was my first time at an MCM event ever! To mark this momentous, and extremely overdo, occasion, I thought I’d share my experience with the Rice Digital audience. For those of you who wanted to go to MCM Manchester […]Read More

Samurai Warriors 4-II Announced, with Release Date & MCM Demo

That’s right: Samurai Warriors 4-II. Who cares about mixing numerical styles? Final Fantasy X-2 sure didn’t, so why should Samurai Warriors 4-II? Samurai Warriors games haven’t received sequels before, so this is kind of a big and exciting deal! It’s coming to Europe as soon as 2nd October 2015.     Instead of the regional […]Read More

Rice Digital at London MCM May 2015!

We’ve been attending London MCM Comic Con since 2012, when Rice Digital launched! Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, along with MCM itself! We’ve been selling physical games since 2014, and have received a lot of praise from all of you about our prices and our selection of games! It’s also a great chance […]Read More