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Play Expo Cosplay Round-up

I was wandering around Play Expo this weekend, frolicking through all the retro goodness and inhaling that lovely nerd-con aroma, when I stumbled upon Lightning from that video game series that some people enjoy…only, she wasn’t whining about that sister of hers for once…   …suddenly I had a brilliant idea! If I could capture […]Read More

Preview: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is Square Enix’s final title in the divisive trilogy, featuring a more action orientated battle system, and only a single playable character this is a major departure for the miniseries, and potentially one of  the best decisions SE have made in years.      So we are here again, another […]Read More

Eurogamer Expo Overview

As expected the Eurogamer expo was filled to the brim this year with audiences from across the globe coming together to sample the latest software from all sectors of the video game industry. The atmosphere was electric, and the excitement for new consoles was clear; the queues indicated without a shadow of a doubt, the […]Read More