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Raging Loop Release Date and Day One Edition Revealed

KEMCO’s psychological horror visual novel Raging Loop is coming west this October, publisher PQube has announced. This one looks very intriguing – so much mystery and tension! Take a look back at the announcement trailer from earlier this year below:   Here’s a little more about the story from PQube: Everything begins when the graduate […]Read More

Debut Shin Hayarigami Trailer Releases For Switch Pack

We love a good horror story. I mean, we’re terrified of them, but we still love them. What makes these games even more scary though, is playing them on a handheld with headphones on, which is exactly how we will be playing Shin Hayarigami when it comes to Switch!   Nippon Ichi Software have now […]Read More

First-Person VR Horror Incoming With Home Sweet Home In May

We aren’t the first to try out horror games, in fact, we’re often frankly terrified of playing them. So, although we would be a little apprehensive about playing it, we can’t deny that the upcoming first-person horror game Home Sweet Home looks absolutely incredible and that it’s hitting all kinds of creepy notes.   From […]Read More

Yume Nikki: Dream Diary Heading to Switch February 21st

Psychological horror puzzle platformer Yume Nikki: Dream Diary, based on the 2D horror cult classic Yume Nikki, is releasing on the Switch in the west the same day as it is in Japan, Playism has announced. And that means it’s coming on February 21st! Pre-orders will begin on February 14th, with 20% off! Check out the […]Read More

Death Mark Releases on Halloween in North America

If you’re pondering over which spooky game to play this Halloween, Aksys Games has got a new contender for you, with Experience’s horror visual novel Death Mark releasing in North America on October 31st! It’s unclear whether this date extends to the European release, but here’s hoping it does! The game definitely looks creepy!   Here’s […]Read More

Psychological Horror Angels of Death Coming to Switch

As well as having an upcoming anime adaption, indie horror title Angels of Death is coming to Switch worldwide this month, so now you’ll be able to scare yourself on the go! You can pre-order in the US Nintendo eShop already, with European pre-orders going live on June 21st, and both have 10% off! Check […]Read More

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Review (PS4)

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows is the direct sequel to Yomawari: Night Alone, but can be enjoyed on its own as it introduces new characters and a totally new storyline. We are again treated with very detailed graphics which blend cute and creepy style quite nicely.   The new story focuses on Yui and Haru, two young […]Read More

Death Note Review (Netflix Live Action Movie)

Most adaptations you should take on their own merits, but it’s impossible to divorce them from their source material. Netflix’s Death Note had many fans concerned from the get-go, but nobody could have expected this version of the hit psychological cat-and-mouse crime thriller to be quite this bad.   Nobody could have expected this version […]Read More

PSN Halloween Sale – 50% Off Resident Evil 7 and

Halloween is swiftly approaching, and that means it’s time for the PSN Halloween sale! There are some great offers if you’re looking for something spooky to play, including 50% off Resident Evil 7! As usual, we’ve picked out a bunch of interesting titles, but you can view the PSN Halloween sale in full here.   A […]Read More

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Review (PS4)

Long before the likes of famous Amnesia series and the now overused first person walking simulator horrors of today, there was only a humble little game called White Day, originally released on PC in 2001 by a Korean studio called Sonnori.   White Day is a bit of a mystery itself. For a niche title […]Read More