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Live Action Commercial For Manga Gokushufudo Is Amazing

It’s very well known that Japan specialises in the eccentric when it comes to advertisements, but this new one for the manga Gokushufudo may be one of the best of the bunch. The manga revolves around a former Yakuza member who has now become a full-on house husband. Check out the commercial below!   Gokushufudo […]Read More

Persona 5 Preview – Surpassing Expectations

Given the amount of delays Persona 5 endured, nothing would be worse than if the game ended up sucking. Thankfully Persona 5 is the sort of game where you look at what’s been created and the time spent on it and can’t help but notice every minute must have been poured into realising a very […]Read More

Let’s Play Persona 5 #1 (First 30 Mins) – The

Oscar and Holly are joined by Peter as they take a look at the beginning of Persona 5! This is the Japanese version, but Oscar has some knowledge of what they’re saying and what’s going on. Please enjoy the beginning of this fantastic game with us!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1CZ8LGTPRk   You can really tell they spent […]Read More

MCM October 2016 Cosplay Montage – Rice Digital @ MCM

As usual MCM had some great cosplay! Here our some of our highlights from London MCM October 2016! Spot yourself? Leave your details in a comment and we’ll add you to the description! ^-^     Thanks to everyone who came by the stand at MCM! It was great to meet you all. A bunch […]Read More

Husbando Battle 2016 ~Legend of Best Boy~ Nominations Open –

Do you believe that love can bloom on the battlefield? This year a new proxy war is waging. Shipping wars are changing. This year we present perhaps the hardest conflict of all: Husbando Battle. Once again nominations are open to all.     Below you will find the nomination sheet for Husbando Battle! Only the […]Read More

EU Players in the Japanese ARC Tournament – King Rasta

We sponsored some EU qualifiers for the ARC cup in Japan, earning the winners a spot each in the normally Japanese exclusive Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator tournament. How did qualifier winners King Rasta and Ken Deep fair against the best Japan has to offer?     It was really great to sponsor getting some of […]Read More

Nintendo Switch Announcement Reaction – Rice Chat

Oscar and Holly sit down to check out the Nintendo Switch announcement along with Peter and Geraint for the first time! You can read up on the announcement itself here, and check out their announced partners too!     As you can tell my face is basically the same as the guy below!     […]Read More

Cheat Code! How to Unlock Pants Urien in Street Fighter

Along with adding some pretty important updates to Street Fighter V (like VS COM), the icing on the cake from Capcom is this neat little trick with Urien, the game’s final DLC character. You can play him in his original “pants-only” outfit from Third Strike! Here’s a look at him and how to do it! […]Read More