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Huge Amount Of Capcom Original Soundtracks Added To Spotify

Video game music is a wonderful beast, giving a backing to everything you do in game, and allowing those sweet aural tunes to dig their way inside your skull until you simply can’t forget them, and so, we were incredibly excited to find out that a large amount of Capcom original soundtracks have suddenly appeared […]Read More

Hollywood Mega Man Live Action Movie Announced

Capcom has announced that a Hollywood Mega Man live action movie is in the works, as part of the series’ 30th anniversary celebrations, with Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman at the helm. Is this a good idea? Probably not. But we can’t say either way for sure at this […]Read More

Mega Man 11 Demo Available Right Now!

In a surprise piece of news from yesterday, Capcom announced that players excited for Mega Man 11 can actually take on the formidable Block Man in a free downloadable demo, which is available now on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One!   In this demo, players can choose from multiple difficulty levels before stepping into […]Read More

Mega Man 11 Revealed – It’s Really Happening!

Fans have been eager to get their hands on a brand new Mega Man game for years, but the Blue Bomber has only returned in cross-over games and remasters. But with Mega Man 11 revealed, Capcom is aiming to make the best entry in the series to date.     The non-pixel visuals might not […]Read More

The Best Japanese PlayStation Plus Double Discounts

Here’s a look at the best Japanese PlayStation Plus Double Discounts — the currently running PSN sale that offers huge savings for PlayStation Plus subscribers. While there are some pretty good non-Plus discounts, the Plus-NESS is what it’s all about this time around. And there’s some goodies!   Akiba’s Beat is at an incredible price! […]Read More

Catfish Directors May Direct Mega Man Movie

Earlier this year 20th Century Fox acquired the film rights for the Mega Man movie series, and now The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Catfish and Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman may be directing the first ever movie based on The Blue Bomber.   The directors are in the “final […]Read More

Mega Maker Lets You Create Your Own Mega Man Stages

Mega Maker is an unofficial, free fan project similar to Super Mario Maker, which will let you use the assets from Mega Man 1 through 6 to create your own incredible stages. Other players will then be able to play user created levels, and some of them are fated to make you want to cry. […]Read More

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Announced, Includes 7, 8, 9,

The first Mega Man Legacy Collection was a great package containing the first six NES originals. These were more than just simple ports, but reproductions made in the Eclipse Engine by Digital Eclipse, similar to how Sonic Mania works. Mega Man Legacy Collection moves the legacy benchmark forward, offering 7-10 in the series.     Digital […]Read More

It’s Mega Time! New CG Mega Man Animated Show Looks

I don’t really advocate hating something before it comes out. It’s not a cool habit to get into, and while yes, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures wasn’t very good, the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime is one of the best seasons that show has seen. Either way, the new CG Mega Man show is looking… […]Read More

Classic Megaman Coming to Android and iOS in Japan

Capcom will be releasing the classic Mega Man series (Mega Man 1 to 6) on smartphones in Japan on January 6th. They each will be called by their original names with the added Mobile at the end.     You may have thought that Mega Man franchise was long dead, but Capcom is intent on bringing […]Read More