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My Hero Ones Justice 2 Hawks DLC Teased

My Hero One’s Justice 2 has a Season Pass which includes 5 new characters and a few customisation items, and one of them has been teased in this scan from the new Weekly Shounen Jump issue. Many thanks to @NiniiSpangle for posting the scan on Twitter! It looks like we’re getting My Hero Ones Justice 2 Hawks […]Read More

How To Unlock Everything In My Hero One’s Justice 2

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is releasing today! The sequel to My Hero One’s Justice has a lot of content to unlock including playable characters, customisation options (such as costumes and costume parts) and items for your gallery. ‘I am here’ to give you  a taste of things you can unlock in the game as well […]Read More

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Review

My Hero Academia is back with its second movie, with the series growing in popularity every day, it’s safe to say there are more eyes on this one than Two Heroes, and let me tell you, I consider Heroes Rising mandatory viewing. Here’s our My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising review.   Blistering Action With Plenty […]Read More

My Hero One’s Justice 2 Trailer 3 Released

The upcoming arena fighter based on the massively popular anime and manga, My Hero Academia has received tonnes of new characters recently, and they’re all featured in this brand new My Hero One’s Justice 2 trailer. The new trailer also shows off various modes within the game.    Watch the trailer:     The trailer […]Read More

My Hero Academia Tier List: Class 1A Quirks

My Hero Academia is one of, if not THE most popular anime currently airing. When anything is this popular, it sparks debates. The nature of the show makes it easy to debate too, with the variety of quirks and characters. So I thought why not potentially enrage the internet and share this My Hero Academia […]Read More

My Hero Academia Season Two Part One Review (Anime)

The shounen genre makes up for a lot of anime, especially those popular in the West, and My Hero Academia is one of the fresher faces to have stormed its way into fan’s hearts. And it seems that I’m far from alone in realising what makes the series so loved across the world.   Picking […]Read More