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Iwaihime: Matsuri Horror Visual Novel Coming to PlayStation 4 and

After the teaser video for the upcoming horror game, Nippon Ichi Software has finally revealed this mysterious title. The teasers were actually for a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita port of the 2016 PC visual novel Iwaihime: Matsuri.     The protagonist is a new transfer student and starts his carefree life in the Susuda Prefectoral High […]Read More

Nippon Ichi teases a new horror game

Nippon Ichi Software revealed a new website consisting of a short, creepy and mysterious video titled “Nippon Ichi Software New Title”. Therefore, it should be safe to assume that this is indeed a new Nippon Ichi Software horror game title.     The teaser is only a few seconds long, check it out below (no […]Read More

Full-Length Exile Election Trailer Released

Nippon Ichi have released the first full-length Exile Election trailer! We get to hear a little more of each of the characters, as this trailer gives a rundown of the full cast, and it’s nice to get a feel for the group as a whole! Prior to this, there have been 13 character trailers, as well […]Read More

Kaname Ichijou Exile Election Character Trailer

It’s finally time for the Kaname Ichijou Exile Election character trailer! This time we get a look at the game’s protagonist, who is Misa’s older brother and Ichika’s childhood friend. While calm and rational, Kaname decides to use the elections to get revenge on the 9 people who exiled his sister. Check out the trailer […]Read More

Meet Noori in the New Exile Election Character Trailer

The new Exile Election character trailer is for Noori, an innocent girl who has lost her memories. She can be immature, and doesn’t understand human language. Ichika, who the previous trailer was for, and Kaname protect her. Check out the trailer below:     Noori is clearly pretty important, and her memories are sure to […]Read More

Eleventh Exile Election Character Trailer Introduces Ichika Houshi

It’s Ichika Houshi’s turn in the eleventh Exile Election character trailer! This one’s quite dramatic! Ichika is a friend of Kaname’s from childhood, and she trusts him absolutely. Even in extreme situations, she wants to work together with him to achieve their goal. Check out the trailer below:     It’s clear that Ichika cares […]Read More

Izuki Ayara Exile Election Character Trailer

We’re ten characters down now with the Izuki Ayara Exile Election character trailer! Izuki is a bit of an outcast, and has repeatedly shown aggressive behaviour towards others. He’s isolated from the rest of the group, but he doesn’t seem to care. Check out the trailer below:     Izuki seems like the kind of […]Read More

Next Exile Election Character Trailer is for Issei Ninchouji

The next Exile Election character trailer is for Issei Ninchouji. Issei is a sociable young man who works at a restaurant, and the oldest of the main characters. Check out the trailer below:     Issei’s one of those characters who just seems too friendly to trust. The picture of him looking quite pleased and hugging some kind […]Read More

Eighth Exile Election Character Trailer Introduces Shihori Yurizono

The eighth Exile Election character trailer is up, introducing Shihori Yurizono! Shihori is an apathetic girl, indifferent to others, the elections, and even living. She has bad eyesight and always carries around her glasses, although she rarely wears them.     Shihori gives me the impression of main girl, and I’m sure there’s much more […]Read More