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Sony’s five forgotten first-party franchises

The last few years have been a curious time for Sony’s PlayStation brand. Not only has the company’s apparent effort to “Americanise” itself allowed the Nintendo Switch to gladly and gleefully take up the ecchi baton from where the Vita left it, but it’s also seen a bunch of fantastic, stylish and highly enjoyable first-party […]Read More

January 2021 PlayStation Plus games revealed

Sony has announced the games that will be available via PlayStation Plus next month. January 2021’s line-up includes Maneater on PS5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall. Probably not an exciting line-up if you’re only after some Japanese games, though you may have already seen some Maneater gameplay if you’ve been following Hololive VTuber […]Read More

Sony’s Funimation buys Crunchyroll for over $1 billion

Negotiations for the sale of Crunchyroll have finished, with Sony‘s Funimation picking up the anime streaming service for a cool $1.175 billion. Reports of Sony’s bid to buy Crunchyroll appeared back in August, with Sony eventually gaining exclusive bidding rights later down the line. This gives Sony a rather large monopoly over anime streaming in […]Read More

Sony details Demon’s Souls’ new character creator and Photo Mode

Sony and developer Bluepoint Games have revealed the Demon’s Souls remake’s improved character creator, along with a newly introduced photo mode. According to the PlayStation Blog post, the remake’s character creator will include many more customisation options than the PS3 original. Of course, while Bluepoint Games probably want to you create beautiful characters that take […]Read More

Custom PS5 faceplate maker cancels orders after legal threat by

Sony‘s teardown video of the PS5 made removing the console’s faceplates look easy, so it seemed strange that they aren’t offering different faceplate colours at launch. One company, PlateStation 5 (now called Customize My Plates), was looking to cover this missed opportunity, but Sony quickly put a stop to their plans. In an email to […]Read More

Our 6 picks from Sony’s Planet of the Discounts sale

Halloween is nearly upon us, so naturally there’s a bunch of spooky videogame sales to celebrate. Sony already have a Halloween sale running until November 2, but it looks like they’ve already decided to start another one, titled ‘Planet of the Discounts‘. Despite the name and visual design for this sale, most of the games […]Read More

Sony close to buying Crunchyroll for almost $1 billion

Sony is about to buy popular anime streaming service Crunchyroll for close to $1 billion. According to a report from Nikkei Asia, Sony obtained exclusive rights to bid for the streaming platform recently and is close to striking a final deal. Crunchyroll is owned by US telecoms juggernaut AT&T, which has been looking to offload […]Read More

Sony shares more Demon’s Souls remake gameplay

With the PlayStation 5 only a few weeks away, Sony have shared a new gameplay trailer for one of the console’s few exclusive launch titles, Demon’s Souls. The trailer focuses on Stonefang Tunnel, showing a basic run-through of the region and its bosses. This area seems to be staying faithful to the original game, still […]Read More

Sony reconfirms that the vast majority of PS4 games will

Despite Sony being somewhat vague in the past when it came to PS5 backwards compatibility, it turns out that nearly all PS4 games will work on their latest console after all. Initially revealed through their support page, Sony reiterated on the PlayStation Blog that only a negligible number of PS4 games would not work on […]Read More