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Sony reconfirms that the vast majority of PS4 games will

Despite Sony being somewhat vague in the past when it came to PS5 backwards compatibility, it turns out that nearly all PS4 games will work on their latest console after all. Initially revealed through their support page, Sony reiterated on the PlayStation Blog that only a negligible number of PS4 games would not work on […]Read More

Sony rolls out change to PlayStation trophies

Love them or have them, PlayStation trophies are here to stay. Now, for some reason, Sony have decided to change up the way trophy levels work. Instead of the old level range of 1 to 100, your trophy level can now go all the way up to 999. This also brings changes to your current […]Read More

PS5 teardown video shows the inner workings of Sony’s oddly

In a new video released by Sony, the VP of their Mechanical Design Department, Yasuhiro Ootori, gives a closer look at the PS5‘s internals. After starting with a warning about not doing this at home — people will absolutely still do this at home — Ootori begins by showing off the outside layout of the […]Read More

PS5 showcase arriving September 16

It looks like Sony will finally be giving us some more details on the PS5, as they’ve announced that a showcase for the console will be streamed in a few days time. This comes shortly after Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox Series S, along with a release date and pricing for their next gen console. […]Read More

Multiplayer centric update Ghost of Tsushima: Legends revealed

Sucker Punch Productions have revealed a new update for their hit PS4 title Ghost of Tsushima, bringing fantastical multiplayer missions later this year. Titled Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the contents of this update are very different from the base game. Instead of featuring the campaign’s protagonist Jin, you’ll instead get to play through cooperative missions […]Read More

Ghost of Tsushima Release Date Set For June 26

PlayStation have revealed that the Ghost of Tsushima release date is June 26, which really stacks up the first half of the year for Sony releases along with the Final Fantasy VII remake and The Last of Us Part II. A new story trailer was also revealed which details the Ghost’s journey.    Watch the […]Read More

Xbox Series X Specs Revealed – Yes, It Has Lots

Here we go again everyone. Everything is cyclical. Life. Death. Console generations. You can’t escape them. So you might as well just embrace that we’re going to be forever buying incremental upgrades to our consoles. Anyway, Microsoft have revealed their Xbox Series X specs and hey, its got teraflops in it.   The Xbox Series […]Read More

Our Picks From The ‘Big in Japan’ Sale

The PlayStation Store is currently running it’s Big In Japan sale! In case you’re not sure what this means, it basically means that any game that has anything to do with Japan can be on sale, whether it’s a game by a Japanese developer, or the actual themes of the game revolve around Japan.   […]Read More

Sony Is Skipping E3 Again In 2020

Even with the PlayStation 5 incoming at the end of the year, Sony is skipping E3 for the second year in a row, instead claiming they will attend “hundreds of consumer events across the globe” instead. This doesn’t come as too much of a shock as Sony have begun to rely on their own presentations […]Read More