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Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2016

We’ve already done the Reader’s Choice Awards for this year, but the year isn’t over just yet! Oscar, Holly, and Peter shed some light on what they liked most and liked less of the many games and anime that 2016 had to offer. So without further ado, here are the Rice Gaming & Anime Awards 2016!   […]Read More

Rice Digital Reader’s Choice Awards 2016 – Winners Announced

We asked you all to vote in our Reader’s Choice categories to determine some of the best Japanese games of the year from this excellent year. And you all pulled through for us. Without further ado, here are the Reader’s Choices!     Winner: Gal*Gun: Double Peace I mean really? Could it have been anything […]Read More

Kingdom Hearts Anime is the Adaptation Gamers Want Most

As they did in 2015, AnimeAnime again asked gamers which game they would most like to see get an anime adaptation. With answers from 1,475 Japanese gamers, the top 10 results show a pretty interesting mix of things!   1. Kingdom Hearts   2. The Legend of Zelda   3. Steins;Gate 0   4. Ib   […]Read More

Steins;Gate 0 is Out Now in Europe

It’s finally here – Steins;Gate 0 is out now in Europe! The highly anticipated sequel to Steins;Gate releases today in Europe, with a North American release following on 29th November! Check out the launch trailer below:   Charting a darker worldline from the original, STEINS;GATE 0 focuses on a reality where genius scientist Okabe Rintaro […]Read More

Introduction to the Steins;Gate 0 New Characters

A recent press release from PQube provides an introduction to the Steins;Gate 0 new characters!  Steins;Gate 0 combines new characters with the original cast in an alternate, darker world-line, where humanity’s survival is at stake! Meet the new key cast below:   ‘Amadeus’ Not ‘the’ Kurisu, ‘a’ Kurisu. This is the Kurisu of Amadeus, all her […]Read More

Steins Gate 0 Release Date & Trailer Announced

PQube previously teased various bits of news for around MCM time and here we are! Not only have they just announced Akiba’s Beat is coming to Europe and actually released Root Letter today, but also revealed the long-awaited Steins Gate 0 release date! It drops 25th November in Europe, followed by 29th in North America.     […]Read More

Steins;Gate 0 Limited Edition Revealed by PQube

Further to our Rice Exclusive Steins;Gate 0 Amadeus Edition, PQube have also announced a more basic Steins;Gate 0 Limited Edition, which falls in line with the Limited Editions of most of their releases, packaging an art book together with the game.     PQube have announced that this edition will be hitting the high street in the […]Read More