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New Tiger & Bunny Anime Series Project Announced

The official Tiger & Bunny Twitter account has revealed a new Tiger & Bunny anime series is on the way! Fans have been clamouring for more Tiger & Bunny since it released back in 2011, and even two movies didn’t stop the fervent wishing for a second series. Well, the wish has been granted!   […]Read More

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection First Trailer

Code Geass made a big splash when it originally released in 2006 with its two season anime. Its political drama infused with mystical powers and mecha action made for the perfect formula. And while there have been numerous spin-offs, everyone has been quietly wishing for a season 3.   Selling point was always the anti-hero Lelouch, […]Read More

Code Geass Season 3 Anime Announced!

The Code Geass 10th anniversary event this year brought some highly exciting and somewhat divisive news in the form of a Code Geass season 3 announcement! Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection will be a direct continuation of the series, set several years after the end of R2.   There’s no sort of date for Lelouch of […]Read More

Anime Summer Season 2016 TV Guide: Air Dates, Trailers &

Mm, can you smell that summer air? No, not the smell of nature. The smell of your room and your computer as you watch some sweet, sweet, anime.  Here’s a simple and easy collection of information of what anime to watch out for in the anime summer season 2016! And where to watch it legally (as of […]Read More

Psychic School Wars Review (Anime)

Psychic School Wars might lead you to think of students battling with psychic powers but it’s really a romance with comedy and drama elements, and sci-fi undertones.   The first thing I noticed is how good the visuals and audio are, with Sunrise on animating duty, but also how natural the characters feel. Well, until […]Read More

Original Accel World anime and Sword Art Online movie are

Reki Kawahara, author of Sword Art Online and Accel World, took to the stage at Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2015 to announce that there will be a new original Accel World anime as well as an original Sword Art Online movie.   This is no surprise for the behemoth that is Sword Art Online and, […]Read More

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Review (Anime)

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising arrived a few hours ago at the time of writing this and, not being able to wait on watching a follow up to one of my favourite anime, I got comfy and slipped the bluray in. Hrngh. That’s the sound of this film getting its own rising out of me. […]Read More