Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection First Trailer

Code Geass made a big splash when it originally released in 2006 with its two season anime. Its political drama infused with mystical powers and mecha action made for the perfect formula. And while there have been numerous spin-offs, everyone has been quietly wishing for a season 3.


Selling point was always the anti-hero Lelouch, an exiled prince of the Holy Britannian Empire who decided to get his revenge once he gets the powers which let him mind control people. The way he hides his identity while overlooking an entire rebellion mirrors the tense moments found in the showdowns with Light and L in the popular Death Note series.


Will Lelouch make a comeback in season 3 remains to be seen. What we did get are glimpses of his iconic helmet as well as a masked Zero. In this debut trailer we can see that almost everyone has settled down after the events of R2, but it seems the world still isn’t fully at peace as everyone would have hoped.



The first screening of this new season should start sometime this year. Considering that the director behind the first two seasons, Goro Taniguchi is working on it we can’t help but be excited. Those new to the series will also be able to enjoy, since the 50-episode anime will be remade into a shorter three-part movie.


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