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Yakuza 6 Review – Big muscles and Bromance (PS4)

I usually know what to expect from a Yakuza game: action, drama, manliness, betrayals, big muscles and bromance. Like its predecessors, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life delivers all of that and serves a convincing, even if perfectible, final chapter for Kazuma Kiryu’s story.   Although it is recommended to have played the previous entries, […]Read More

Yakuza 6 Preview Special – Postcard Play

You can take a look at our full Yakuza 6 preview here, but in this special edition of Postcard Play Oscar and Mitch sit down to talk about some of their favourite aspects of the first handful of hours with the game. Look forward to Yakuza 6 heading to PlayStation 4 on 17th April 2018! […]Read More

Yakuza 6 Preview – The Dragon of Dojima Isn’t Dead

The Yakuza series has steadily been gaining traction in the West, and Kazuma Kiryu’s story is approaching its end. Beginning its life back in 2005 on PS2, the Yakuza series has spanned 6 mainline games and multiple spin-offs, and the final installment in Kiryu’s chapter has the potential to be the series’ greatest entry yet. […]Read More

Yakuza 6 Delayed Until April

Sega has just announced that Yakuza 6 is being delayed until 17th April, with a demo releasing on 27th February. Considering its previous release date was 20th March, the delay is a little less than a month. Not too bad, and at least now you don’t have to decide between this and Ni No Kuni […]Read More

Yakuza 6 Cat Guide: How to Complete the Cat Café

Like previous Yakuza games, 6 is filled to the brim with things to keep you busy besides the main story. One big collectable quest this time is the cat café sub-story that tasks Kiryu with winning the affection of the cats of the city. They’re all over the place. But fear not, our Yakuza 6 […]Read More

Yakuza 6 Safe Guide: Where to Find All Safe Keys

Yakuza and finding keys go hand in hand, all the way back to the first game. With so many keys, sometimes you don’t know where to look, which is where our Yakuza 6 safe guide comes in, detailing the locations of all the safe keys in the game, as well as the safes they pair […]Read More

Yakuza 6 Guide: How to Master the Game & Become

Yakuza 6 is the long-awaited next game in the series, bringing it exclusively to the current generation of consoles for the first time. As usual, Yakuza 6 is packed with many side activities and sub-stories to keep you busy on top of the main game. From raiding safes and collecting cats, to some karaoke and […]Read More

8 JRPG 2018 Must-Plays You Need to Check Out This

It feels like we’re at that point we get to every few years when loads of big Japanese series get their huge new instalments. The last year-and-a-bit brought us new Persona, Final Fantasy, Tales Of, and NieR! But this year also has some heavy-hitters lined up. There’s more besides, but these are the definite, absolute JRPG […]Read More

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Leaked, Will Remake Second Game in 6’s

Ahead of the 26th August Yakuza event where new titles will be revealed, a leak of a “Yakuza Kiwami 2” has dropped thanks to the absolute diamonds at PSN Taiwan. Thanks, chaps. It will be releasing on PlayStation 4.     Yakuza Kiwami 2 will, according to translations of the leaked PSN product page for the […]Read More