Tales of the Rays Shines Brightly this Summer

 Tales of the Rays Shines Brightly this Summer

Bandai Namco has announced at Anime Expo 2017 that Tales of the Rays will be headed West this Summer. Exclusive to Android and iOS, Rays will feature a unique story and characters, as well as characters and fan favourites from other games in the series.


You can check out the official English website for the game here. Rays follows Ix and Mileena, who carry the blood of Mirrirsts, as they travel to save their world – I guess they summon familiar heroes to aid them, too. Rays is aiming to be a classic Tales game with its easily recognisable combat system, skits, dungeons, and more.


tales of the rays


Tales of the Rays will release on Android and iOS later this Summer.

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