The Rice Digital Friday Letters Page, August 26, 2022 – how many naked ladies?

The Rice Digital Friday Letters Page

Good afternoon everyone! It’s the end of another week, and we’ve had a couple of letters this week so here we are once again with the Rice Digital Friday Letters Page. Don’t forget that you can always write us a letter either using the form at the bottom of this very page right ‘ere, or from the main Letters page that you can access via the site’s top menu.

There’s evidently something very much on the collective mind of the community this week, so let’s get right into talk of titties, shall we?

Fanart by Yurume Atsushi. Original source here!

Ippa-dippa-dation, how many titties at the station?

Hello Rice Digital,

I read your article ‘The fastest route to a Pretty Girl’s honkadonkabadonkers‘ and I wanted to ask how many uncensored images are present altogether in the three games.

I’m looking forward to your newsletter.
Best regards

Hi Tom, and thanks for writing to the Rice Digital Friday Letters Page. I don’t have an exact figure for you, but if you give me a moment I can work out a rough approximation. Hold your horses…

Okay. So Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire has nine characters, each of whom have a nude or topless image as one of their “costumes” that they change into on the third round. Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire has five characters, each of whom has at least one topless or nude image. I’m not sure if some have more than one; I question that because some unlock a topless image as a costume that isn’t their “final” one.

Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire has ten characters, but only the last two of them get nude as one of their costumes, though there are some suggestive costumes along the way — particularly if you like Japanese PE outfits. And finally, Pretty Girls Panic! has fourteen characters, each of whom (in my experience so far anyway) has one nude or topless image along the way, plus lots of revealing swimsuits.

So in total you’re looking at about 30 brand new images that weren’t in the original digital versions, I would estimate, give or take a few here and there. Plus there’s all the stuff that was already in the digital versions to enjoy, too, some of which is quite racy without getting nude!

Hope you enjoy!

Letters Page: Pretty Girls Game Collection

Gratuitous self-promotion

Dear Rice,

I’ve read your great article about Strip Poker Night at the Inventory. Why don’t you review our Strip Poker game with real girls at (PC downloadable) or (web browser version, mobile friendly).

Marek M

Hi Marek! Thanks for reaching out — and thanks for letting us know that modern strip poker games do indeed exist! Games with “real girls” are probably a little beyond our remit here at Rice Digital — we tend to stick to the 2D anime waifu side of things — but I’m sharing your letter here in case anyone reading this is interested in partaking of your services.

To the readership: I’ve checked out both the sites that Marek linked, and both appear to be safe to visit. The usual caveats apply, though: we take no responsibility for anything you might encounter while browsing sites that are out of our control.

When visiting any adult sites, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got adblockers enabled and updated fully, just in case — Marek’s sites here appear to be primarily concerned with making their money through the game itself rather than ads, which is great to see, but you can never be too careful these days.

If anyone gives the game a go and wants to share their thoughts on it, please feel free to write us a note! And take care not to spend all your money on pretty ladies, as tempting as it might be!

That’s your lot for today! Bit of a short one this week, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to give quick and easy answers! Anyway, please have a thoroughly lovely weekend, don’t let the heat get to you if the sun is back in your neck of the woods — and keep on loving the lewd. We’ll see you next week!

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