Tokyo Ghoul Live Action Details Revealed

Another addition to the stream of live action adaptations announced this year is a Tokyo Ghoul live action film! A key visual and some details about some of the staff have been confirmed already, and the filming’s already done!



Masataka Kubota, who played Light in the 2015 Death Note TV series, will be playing protagonist Ken Kaneki. The key visual with him in the film’s version of the iconic mask is pretty cool!



Kentaro Hagiwara is the director, and this is his first foray into the world of feature film, having mostly directed music videos and adverts previously. I’ll be surprised if he’s only directing one though, with so much plot to cover!


Noted designer Masanori Morikawa of CHRISTIAN DADA has designed the costumes, including the masks. Morikawa has produced stage costumes for Lady Gaga and KISS in the past, so he’s clearly used to eccentric design! I think the mask looks pretty good, both in the design sketches and the key visual, though the lack of colour in the final version threw me at first.



There’s an official site for the movie up too, but it doesn’t have many details yet. I’ll be one of many looking forward to a trailer!


The Tokyo Ghoul live action film is due to release in Japan in summer 2017.

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