Top 12 Anime Sequels That Need to Happen

There are a lot of anime that I’d like to see a second season for but sadly the world of anime can’t always deliver. At least we have a third season of Attack on Titan in the works, eh? Below are 12 anime which deserve a sequel, and ones that we’ll keep on hoping for.


The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour



This one was a lost cause as soon as it was announced that Brains’ Base was animating it — they don’t do sequels, generally. Kawai Complex is a funny, heartwarming slice-of-life anime that follows the members of the titular Kawai Complex. A small group of quirky people live together in one massive house, and Usa is trying his best to get bookworm Ritsu to notice him. It always lifts me up when I’m feeling down, and it has an entirely loveable and unique cast. This originally aired in 2014, but the manga is on-going on Crunchyroll.


Accel World



Accel World is still hugely popular in Japan with its light novel series surpassing twenty volumes, and just last year it got a movie with an original story penned by author Reki Kawahara himself. The first season was able to get a good twenty four episodes out of it, but hopes of a proper second season are dwindling. The light novels get some pretty good arcs later on, and I’d like to see them animated. Or at least make the light novels available digitally, yeah?


Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun



When Monthly Girls’ Nozaku-kun aired in 2014, it quickly solidified itself as a brilliant comedy where Chiyo tries to win the dense Nozaki’s affections. The tall, serious man is a popular shoujo author but despite writing about love and relationships, he has very little knowledge and experience with them. Will we ever see a sequel to this rom-com? Who knows? Maybe not now that studio Doga Kobo are busy with season two of New Game! but if Himouto! Umaru-chan gets a sequel over Nozaki-kun then there’s no justice in the world.





The second season of Nisekoi aired only two years ago, but the manga recently ended and so a third season to wrap everything up would be delightful! The battle of which girl will win begs to be experienced in anime form and Nisekoi is amongst the most upbeat, sweet and funny anime out there — there can only be one winner, and sadly there may only be two seasons.


Sword Art Online



Sword Art Online is one of the most popular anime in both Japan and the West with both of its seasons performing incredibly well. Many light novel readers claim that the Alicization arc is the best arc of the series, but there’s no word on whether we’ll see a third season to cover it — A-1 Pictures have said they’d like to do it, though. Fingers crossed for a third animated season because ew to the Netflix original live-action series that’s in the works!





Shirobako is an anime about creating anime by P.A.Works, who are known for creating original anime, that wraps up nicely but teases just enough that I’m eager for a second season. Shirobako is one of my favourite anime and even now I’m seeing people ask for a second season, three years after it aired. Promotional artwork still gets made for Shirobako and it has kept a huge following in Japan, so maybe we’ll see it happen!





Another one of Brain’s Bases anime that means we’re unlikely to see a sequel – especially as this one aired ten years ago! The Baccano! light novel series is on-going with twenty two volumes out at the moment, and they’re currently being released in English. Author Ryogo Narita may be best known for Durarara!! but Baccano! has its own die-hard fans who would love a second season. A large, loveable cast and so much more content begs to be animated further, but at this point it’s highly unlikely.


The Devil is a Part-Timer!



The Devil is a Part-Timer! is another comedy that took the anime world by storm, but it only got twelve episodes back in 2013 with no more to come. When Satan is transported to the human world along with his nemesis, Emi, they’re both forced to adapt the ways of humans so that they can reserve their magical powers to someday return home. Satan decides that being a fast-food employee is the way to go, and he quickly becomes a force to be reckoned with at his local MgRonalds. Funny and unique, I’d love to revisit MgRonalds to see how far it’s come!


Prison School



Prison School ended only two years ago but its outlandish characters and scenarios put it on the map. The only five boys in school get sent to the underground council’s school prison, where they’re forced to do slave labour and are tormented by the girls. Crude, lewd and willing to go to far lengths to make you laugh, Prison School stands out and deserves another season.


A Certain Magical Index



A Certain Magical Index, and its spin-off A Certain Scientific Railgun, both got two seasons each but J.C.Staff seem to not be making anymore. The second season finished airing in 2011 with no word of a third season, despite how popular the series still is in Japan. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a third season, but you can buy the light novels and manga in English, at least!


Spice and Wolf



If you’ve used the internet and have an interest in anime, then chances are you’ve seen someone ask for a third season of Spice and Wolf. The light novels have finished and there’s certainly enough content left to adapt, with fans eager to see more of Holo and Lawrence’s relationship. The second season ended on a pretty good note but teases that there’s much more to explore but alas, it’s unlikely to happen as season two wrapped up in 2009.





Gangsta. is the last anime from studio Manglobe before they went bankrupt, and their legacy ended on a high note. Following the mercenary group known as the Handymen, who are contracted to take on jobs which no one else can handle, and the Twilights who are humans born with superpowers due to a special drug they received, both groups soon realise that they’re about to be locked in a war that they cannot avoid. With Manglobe now out of business, we won’t be seeing a second season of this unless it’s taken on by another studio, which is unlikely.


There are so many anime that deserve a sequel which will seemingly never happen, and we can only offer a moment of silence to these incomplete stories. On the bright side, you can read the light novel or manga if you want to continue these stories — well, not Shirobako as that’s an anime original.


Before you point it out, no, I don’t want another season of No Game, No Life. That said, what anime do you want to see get another season?

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