Upcoming visual novels to look forward to in 2023

Whether it’s otome, eroge, or a mysterious third thing, we can never have too many visual novels here at Rice Digital.

If you’re on the hunt for a bit of fresh meat, look no further – here are our top six most anticipated VN titles that are coming to release in the next few months!

Radiant Tale (27th July 2023)

This gorgeously illustrated circus-themed otome visual novel is coming to Western consoles after its initial release in Japan last year, and has been described as “if Disney made an otome game“.

Radiant Tale - visual novel

When an unusual group calling themselves CIRCUS make their way into Tifalia’s inn, her wish for an eventful life is granted as she becomes their producer. Get to know your other team members and make your show a success!

Radiant Tale is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 27th July – that’s this Thursday!

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical (10th August 2023)

You read right – this game is also a musical! Stray Gods follows Grace, a college dropout who is accused by the Greek pantheon of murdering a Muse. She has seven days to wield her new powers of music to prove her innocence and find out the truth behind Calliope’s death.

Stray Gods - visual novel
Ooh, let’s hope Apollo is romanceable.

OK, you got me. This title doesn’t quite fall in line with the typical conventions of a visual novel – it’s more-so an RPG. But it’s got solid romance and friendship sim mechanics, and promises songs with “thousands of potential variations” based on your choices. I think that should count for something, and that’s totally not because I’m a huge nerd for musicals and interactive fiction.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical is launching on all major platforms in early August!

Clover Day’s Plus (18th August 2023)

This emotional slice-of-life moege should hopefully be coming to release this summer after some unfortunate delays. You follow Yuuto as he reconnects with his childhood friends and strives to keep the promises he made in his youth. The diverse cast of characters looks very intriguing!

Clover's Day Plus - visual novel
You can never go wrong with twins!

This visual novel offers a few different character routes, but never strays too far from its themes of heartfelt friendship. The English Plus release will also contain all of the additional content the game has received since its Japanese release!

Clover Day’s Plus can be found on Steam this August (hopefully).

Tomorrow Will Be Dying (19th August 2023)

With its gorgeously colourful art style, animated elements and slice-of-life premise, I’ve been hyped for Tomorrow Will Be Dying ever since I came across its prologue (available to download for free on Itch.io).

Tomorrow Will Be Dying - visual novel

You play as B, an entomology student navigating university life, encountering old friends and new, and overcoming her past traumas. The story is estimated to be 200,000 words with a healthy sprinkling of minigames, with a total of four endings.

The full visual novel will be available on Steam on 19th August!

ANONYMOUS;CODE (8th September 2023)

From STEINS;GATE creator Chiyomaru Shikura comes the sixth mainline entry in the Science Adventure series!

ANONYMOUS;CODE - visual novel

ANONYMOUS;CODE takes place at the very end of digital society. When the Year 2038 problem (look it up, it’s a real thing) threatens to destroy the world as we know it, an Earth Simulator is built to study the world’s impending doom.

You play as Pollon Takaoka, who has the ability to game the system by using save and load points, like he’s in a video game or something. Guide Pollon through branching story routes with striking manga-style visuals, and get ready to hack into God!

ANONYMOUS;CODE is coming to the PS4, Switch and Steam this September, with physical editions available for consoles.

ARCHETYPE ARCADIA (24th October 2023)

Archetype Arcadia
It might look cute – but this one is Dark with a capital ‘D’.

Rounding out the year comes Archetype Arcadia – a suitably grisly dystopian epic, which follows the last remnants of society as they try to eke out a living in fear of a deadly disease.

In order to keep themselves safe, the protagonists have to enter the titular virtual world in a bid to find a cure – but in doing so expose themselves to unexpected danger. This one comes from PQube and Kemco – who’s last release, Raging Loop, was one of the Visual Novel highlights of the last few years.

Archetype Arcadia comes to Switch and PS5 in October – as well as (cross fingers) a localised Steam version too.

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