Vampire Idol Otome Game Available Now on Android

Korean mobile game publisher Avocado Entertainment has released Vampire Idol, an otome game now available in English on Android devices. As the name suggests, the game centres around an idol group made up of vampires, named Vampir. You can take a look at the game’s opening movie below:



You play as a young woman appointed as the manager of Vampir. As such, it’s your job to help the band reach new heights, while learning more about the different band members, and potentially falling in love. Success is particularly important for Vampir too, as they feed off the positive energy from their fans rather than blood! There are 5 charming young men for you to choose from, and you get to pick who you want to pursue straight away.


While Vampire Idol doesn’t look like it will quite scratch that Mystic Messenger itch, it’s great to see more otome games being released in English (with the exception of the recent Taisho x Alice release)!


Vampire Idol Otome Game Available Now on Android

Vampire Idol is available for free now on Android devices, with an iOS version on the way later this month.

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