Waifu Wars 2015 Quarter Finals Round Two – Holo Vs Hestia

Last week we narrowed Waifu Wars down to 8 finalists. Already the Kuroyukihime and Eureka match up got pretty brutal. Today we have to decide between a deity and a goddess. No easy task! Each day this week we’ll be voting on one pair up, and telling you a little bit about them!



Holo (Spice & Wolf) Vs Hestia (DanMachi)


holo-hestia-waifu-wars-vertical Waifu Wars 2015 Quarter Finals Round Two




Spice-And-Wolf_HoroHappy Waifu Wars 2015 Quarter Finals Round Two


Holo. Is it me you’re looking for? Holo is a deity, bound to the town of Pasloe to ensure them a bountiful harvest. But over time they became self-sufficient without needing her, and she ends up joining travelling merchant Lawrence at the start of the anime, becoming “bound” to his wheat instead. This is why I always carry wheat in my work bag. She longs to return to her homeland, Yoitsu.



Hestia_Anime Waifu Wars 2015 Quarter Finals Round Two


Hestia is a goddess who rocks the ribbon look. The Daily Mail once got confused and thought that the “ribbon bra” was a real Japanese craze because of Hestia. She’s very loyal to those she loves, but perhaps to the point of unnecessary jealously. However, she knows how to work as part of a team when the going gets tough. Naturally she wields immense power.


Who will you vote for? Let us know what you think!


And as always, may the Best Girl win!

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