Waifu Wednesday: Diane (The Seven Deadly Sins)

The Seven Deadly Sins is a series I have not given all that much thought to. Like, ever. But if there’s one thing I have retained since having given its first season of its anime a watch upon its original release so many years ago then it’s with the single character and waifu of my choice for today’s Waifu Wednesday piece.

Diane of The Seven Deadly Sins is a lot of things. Namely, a giant cutie, an absolute mess when it comes to any romantic pursuing as well as a tragically lovable character. There’s a worth gushing about here so let’s get right into it.

Minor spoilers mentioned.

Who is Diane?

Diane is a member of its main character Meliodas’ titular group of comrades – the Seven Deadly Sins. As the Sin of Envy one can probably quite swiftly theorise how exactly that is represented in the series before actually learning about it. Other than being defined at least initially as just a giant, Diane also makes up part of the rather significant love triangle of the series with Meliodas, Elizabeth and herself.

For what it’s worth the development witnessed from these developing relationships alone make the love triangle ordeal well worth committing to. But other than being an absolute unit who withstands some mighty attacks for the sake of either protecting her friends – see her budding friendship with Elizabeth specially on that note – or who does so in the name of love, Diane brings out all the stops. She’s a bad ass cutie alright, but she also has the depths that makes her much more than just a throwaway character whose defining features are as laid out above.

Why we love her

That’s because Diane’s character development is especially enjoyable when you contrast her initial behaviour and attitude to how at peace she ends up being by the end of the journey. Diane, to really hammer in just how much of a giant she is in all aspects, has a massive crush on Meliodas. She is always jealous of Elizabeth for being the apple of Meliodas’ eye, but with time, Diane matures and develops. She not only learns to warm up to Elizabeth as her own person but eventually encourages Elizabeth to confess her feelings to him.

In fact, Diane being jealous is an obvious defining trait of hers. I mean, it’s a given really, and it’s reinforced time and time again. She has always been prone to jealousy, even when regarding the lifespans of humans. She’s jealous of those who have friends, jealous of those who are not her size, and jealous of those who do not experience the same issues she has. But all of this comes down to the simple fact that Diane was and fears being alone. It’s a revelation she comes to own and not allow herself to be affected by as she ages, and from that, she becomes so much more than a representative of envy.

It probably goes without saying then at this point that there are numerous emotional and heartfelt turns that take place with her own storyline, with the majority being quite unexpected. For example, she’s not always been the fighting type, a fact that immediately defines her as a now adult because she wants to defend those closest to her. The reason she became an outcast in the first place from within her clan is because she did not want to fight. That’s because Diane instead craved companionship on any level for a variety of reasons, even as far back as during her time in the giant clan.

Why you will love her

Diane obviously struggles with a lot and has been since she was a mere child. She’s different because of her size, she has abandonment issues due to losing both her parents and she has yet to accept herself because of the doubt surrounding her identity and past. It’s all very, very heavy stuff and it all explains why she is so prone to being physical in any given way, be it due to the sheer amount of violence she ends up letting off steam with or for the skin on skin contact that haphazardly happens between her comrades and herself. Even if it’s for fanservice it actually makes sense for her character, for once.

Diane tends to be just a harmless, good time of a character to watch. If she’s not being ditsy then she’s most likely being hot-tempered, but over time she learns to be a more patient and accepting person overall. For this reason alone you end up rooting for her and her growth, and seeing her get the happy ending she deserves is the cherry on top. Add to that the childhood friends trope then you’ve got at least me squealing for sheer joy.

Like the sound of that? Then give the show a go now via Crunchyroll today.

Lilia Hellal
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