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Waifu Wednesday

We have previously covered what spring anime shows we enjoyed here at Rice Digital, and while I agree that Tokyo Revengers deserves its spot there, a major reason I personally found it such a satisfying watch is for one single reason — or rather one specific individual.

So let’s highlight her today for being yet another solid reason why outgoing, sunny characters are often the cream of the crop.

Who is Hinata Tachibana?

Hinata Tachibana is quite literally the central plot device of Tokyo Revengers. She’s the sole reason that protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki travels back in time: he wants to prevent her untimely death.

And can you blame him, even after we barely even know her from her initial, impressionable appearance? She’s Takemichi’s one and only girlfriend from his 26 years on this Earth, making him an astonishingly lucky guy. Hinata is an unbelievably brilliant and endearing supporting character and love interest who somehow unexpectedly left me with the biggest impression of the show’s entire cast right from the beginning of the first season. Here’s to celebrating this perfect waifu!

Why we love Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana

Hinata is not only an outgoing, bubbly student, but her sheer optimism and supportive nature is always uplifting to those around her. Characters with infectious positivity tend to have a positive effect on both their fellow cast members and audiences alike, and Hinata is no different. She never stops being uplifting, even on a bad day, and no-one can deny that.

One might argue that Hinata is simply far too perfect, though, which in itself lays out an obvious issue I will not turn my head away from: Hinata, much like every other female character in Tokyo Revengers, has little to no real agency; pretty much all of the female characters are merely reasons for the leading male characters to develop. They are left with little exploration of their own backstories and depth, but my grievance with this is honestly not so pronounced when it comes to Hinata, because she is such a star in her own right.

To make my point more substantial, I will phrase it as such: if I could turn back time and be the person I was back in my student days as I watched the Tokyo Revengers anime, Hinata would be a prime role model for me. She represents the normal, everyday kind of girl, yet has the backbone to not only stand up for those she cares about — to such an extent that she does not hold back in slapping the infamous Mikey to defend her boyfriend — but is also completely and absolutely secure in herself despite her young age. She’s surprisingly mature, with plenty of helpful and empowering messages to teach others.

This translates well into her role as a teacher in her adult life, which reinforces how genuinely good-natured and kind she is, and we have plenty of other key moments that indicate just how much of a darling she always will be. This includes how she is seen waiting in the rain for Takemichi without an umbrella, yelling at him that he is “going to catch a cold” — sweetly ignoring how she is in the exact same boat. How much more precious can she get? And how can we go on without mentioning the all-important necklace he gifts her — the one that she holds onto for well over 10 years despite them having broken up?

Say it with me – she’s a keeper.

Why you’ll love Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana

To put it simply, Hinata is undisputedly flawless. This can be seen as another issue regarding her as a female character, since she has been created to be so perfect that we can clearly and effortlessly understand why she should be protected at all costs. We do not just want her safe, but we need her to be safe, because she’s designed to make us feel that she deserves so much better, in so many ways.

While we have already mentioned how the title’s female characters act as stepping stones for its males to grow from, Hinata and Takemichi’s relationship manages to be endearing enough to continuously show Hinata’s countless amounts of positive characteristics, and ways in which Takemichi can change to prove that he truly deserves her. But they also never fail to be an adorable couple audiences will get behind; you’ll want to support them just to see their relationship blossom.

In one scene, we witness Takemichi borderline cheating on her, and with just one outburst of a punch from Hinata’s own hands, she is over the ordeal. Then we have the times when she always reassures him despite how often his behaviour — born from a lack of self-confidence — makes her worry. She lends him a shoulder to cry on, an understanding ear to listen to his woes, and countless amounts of positive reinforcement and encouraging words. She is also seen as quite perceptive, as she can tell when Takemichi goes back in time and takes control of his younger body; this indicates how well she knows him, and how much she cares for him.

All in all, Hinata gets the respect she deserves (notably quite quickly from Mikey and Draken) considering she’s part of a show with a primary focus on gangs, masculinity, and violence. Hinata is never quite put into the genre’s standard and expected “damsel in distress” role. She is instead almost always appearing as more than capable and just as impressive as the rest of the show’s cast — and the fact she stands out despite technically being so “ordinary” makes her all the more remarkable. Strong, adorable, and capable – what’s not to love?

She is perfect, and she deserves all the respect and protection that she gets!

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