Zangief joins the ever-growing Street Fighter V roster

Fan-favourite and mainstay of the Street Fighter series, the Red Cyclone himself, joins the Street Fighter V roster and doesn’t look as if he’s aged a day.

Zangief gets his wrestle on as he returns with old and new skills alike, one of which allows him to absorb damage from a hit and convert it into recoverable health, but this isn’t the only battle he faces! On will rage the war of whether or not his name is pronounced Zan-geef or Zan-gi-ef, but I’m personally in camp former.



There’re only three characters left to reveal and I’m really hoping for C.Viper but, as Capcom have previously stated, all DLC characters will be unlockable in-game so fear not if your favourite character hasn’t made it in yet as there’s a chance they’ll show up eventually!

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