2020 Steam Autumn Sale now live

 2020 Steam Autumn Sale now live

Steam‘s latest sale is now in full swing, cutting prices on a majority of games available for the service.

As is the case with most digital game sales nowadays, the prices you see on the first day are likely what they’ll be by the end. No extra daily discounts or flash sales unfortunately.

The somewhat recent points shop has also had a few additions, including an animated avatar frame and background.

Alongside this sale is the return of The Steam Awards, with 10 categories for users to vote on. This includes a couple of typical awards, such as ‘Game of the Year’ and ‘Best Soundtrack’, along with some oddities like ‘Best Game You Suck At’.

Both the 2020 Autumn sale and The Steam Awards will end on December 1 at 6pm GMT. If you’re after some suggestions for what to buy, make sure check out Rice Digital later this week.

Isaac Todd
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