Akiba’s Beat Revisits Japan’s Otaku Center

After the success of the Akiba’s Trip, a game where you strip random people on the street in hopes to expose the vampires that are hiding among them, comes Acquire’s newest game Akiba’s Beat.




Outside the name and setting, the game seems to have a lot less in common with Akiba’s Trip than one might think, as it plays more like a traditional action RPG. So don’t expect stripping people around Akihabara, at least for now.


The story in Akiba’s Beat follows Asahi Tachibana a 19-year-old university drop out. Our protagonist and his friends are stuck inside a world of delusions where Sunday keeps repeating over and over again. The dungeons represent the embodiment of these delusions.



The game is currently around 75% complete, meaning Japan will be able to rock with Akiba’s Beat this fall on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. While nothing has officially been announced in the west as of yet, XSEED has bought the domain akibasbeat.com which indicates that they are more than likely planning on publishing the game outside of Japan.

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