Aksys Bringing Xblaze Lost Memories to Europe 21st June

Aksys are brining Xblaze Lost Memories, the sequel to BlazBlue spin-off Xblaze Code Embryo, to Europe very, very soon as a digital only title. It will be available digitally on both PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita as soon as 21st June.



Xblaze: Code Embryo was a Visual Novel spin-off of the BlazBlue series that released early 2014 in North America, published by Aksys, and late 2015 in Europe, published by Funbox physically, for which we had an exclusive special edition.




This time around, though, Xblaze Lost Memories is just getting a digital release in Europe. It’s almost fair enough, though, as Lost Memories has already been out for almost a year in just North America alone. We’re finally getting caught up in time for a nearly synchronised Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator release worldwide. Who knows where it’ll go from here?




Xblaze Lost Memories changes up the mechanics a bit from Code Embryo. This time you play as “Me”, a character exploring an alternate universe. The game combines the Visual Novel style of Code Embryo with 8-bit dungeon crawler mechanics.




– The Best of Both Worlds – XBlaze Lost: Memories fuses dungeon crawler elements with visual novel gameplay to create a gaming experience unlike anything you’ve seen before!
– 8-bit retro fun! – Cute chibi-fied sprites are back! Roam around an alternate world and collect “Memory Fragments”, crystallized memories that tell the story of a mysterious unknown person!
– Diverging Stories – XBlaze Lost: Memories offers several routes and multiple endings so each player will be leading their own story! Unexpected twists and turns allow players hours of compelling gameplay.


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