Arc of Alchemist Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Idea Factory have released a new gameplay trailer for Arc of Alchemist, the RPG heading to PS4 and Switch at the end of January. The trailer highlights the variety of gameplay elements you can expect, from base building to avoiding environmental traps. Arc of Alchemist will also include 7+ playable characters.


We’ve learnt today that Arc of Alchemist will be released on January 30 in North America and January 31 in Europe on PS4 and Switch. Arc of Alchemist will feature 7+ characters in this update, all with different specialisations, however Quinn will be able to use any weapon depending on player choice.


As the game takes place within the desert, you can expect a LOT of traps to avoid so it’ll be important to keep potions stocked up in case one manages to catch you out.


You’ll also have a base of operations, that you can build and upgrade over time. You’ll be able to level up your part here and buy new equipment and weapons. Your base will have facilities that can be added, to improve your party’s base stats.


You can catch the new trailer here:



Are you excited to dive in to Arc of Alchemist this month?


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