An Arc System Works Dragon Ball Game? Extreme Butoden for 3DS

Dragon Ball Xenoverse comes out in the west on February 27th, but did you know there’s also another Dragon Ball Z game coming out this year? In Japan at the very least the Nintendo 3DS game Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden will be coming out in the summer. But perhaps most interesting of all is that the title is being developed by Arc System Works, of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue fame.


The news comes via a scan of V-Jump picked up by SiliconEra:


v-jump Arc System Works Dragon Ball



The game will be a 2D fighter (as you’ve come to expect from Arc System Works), and will feature over 100 Dragon Ball characters. It’s currently unclear how many of those will be fully playable fighters and how many will simply be assist characters, as shown in the image of the New Nintendo 3DS: Goku assisted by Dende, Yamcha, Hercule, and Dr. Brief.


Not much has been revealed about the gameplay yet, but Arc System Works carries quite the pedigree, so we’re not really worried. In fact, quite to the contrary. Personally, I usually skip over the handheld Dragon Ball fighting games, but this seriously has my attention now thanks to Arc System Works’ involvement. Though I do secretly hope for a HD console port. Using the Xrd system. And Kinect controls.


The game will feature both 1 on 1 fights as well as team battles.



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