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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot A New Power Awakens Part 2

The second part of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot‘s A New Power Awakens DLC released today, and a new trailer released by Bandai Namco shows off some of the content it adds. While the first DLC used the Dragon Ball Z movie Battle of Gods as its base, part 2 adapts Resurrection ‘F’, with some alterations. […]Read More

Free Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Card Warriors update launches October

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot‘s next free update is surprisingly ambitious, adding in an wildly different gameplay mode. Dragon Ball Card Warriors is a fully fledged card game that will be available to all owners of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on October 27. Bandai Namco have released a trailer for the update, giving a brief look […]Read More

Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 Character Predictions

With the reveal of of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, or UI Goku, Dragon Ball FighterZ season 3 is all but officially confirmed. So with this, lets run through who could be joining the roster alongside the 6th iteration of everyone’s favourite lower class Saiyan.     I know, it’s another Goku. Again… Even so, I’m […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Tips and Tricks

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a big game, and you may get a bit caught up in what to do next, with this in mind we’ve put together a list of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot tips to get you moving in the right direction, and so you can make the most out of the game’s […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Review

It’s the first big release of the DECADE, it’s a Dragon Ball game, and it’s LONG. It’s a game that tries to be more, but doesn’t always succeed. This is one of the best retellings of the anime ever, and it’s a fun ride, that doesn’t quite reach it’s maximum potential. Here’s our Dragon Ball […]Read More

Weekend Round-Up: Ardyn in Dissidia, New Dragon Quest and Buu

The weekend before Christmas is no excuse for video game news to take a break, and we’ve got a few things to take from the weekend for you to browse with your morning coffee! Final Fantasy XV’s Ardyn is joining Dissidia Final Fantasy, we’re getting some form of new Dragon Quest game, and we have […]Read More

Dragon Ball Z KAI Final Chapters Review (Anime)

Dragon Ball Z Kai is the condensed version of the original Dragon Ball Z, aiming to be truer to the manga with no filler. It may have taken a while for Manga UK to get Final Chapters to the UK, but it’s arguable that the Buu Saga has never been better.     With all […]Read More

Boss Raid Mode is Coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball FighterZ has one, and now Xenoverse 2 is getting a boss raid mode known as “My Raid Mode”, which sees one player play as Fused Zamasu, Mira or Demigra as they take on another five players. Whichever team wins will find themselves with a vast amount of Zeni and experience points.   There’s […]Read More

Android 17 is Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 17 will be the final character to come to Dragon Ball FighterZ as part of its first season pass, and he will be based on his Dragon Ball Super appearance. The information was revealed in the latest issue of V-Jump, and he will arrive with Cooler later this month.   That’s not all though, […]Read More

Pre-ordering Dragon Ball FighterZ is the Only Way to Grab

Bandai Namco announced a while back that those who pre-order Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch, physically or digitally, will get their hands on a digital copy of Super Butoden, the very first Dragon Ball Butoden fighting game which originally released in 1993.     If you were hoping that Super Butoden would be available on the […]Read More