Atari’s Quantum: Recharged is coming to consoles August 17th

40 years after its arcade debut, Atari is recharging Quantum for new audiences across PC and major consoles.

Developed by Sneakybox and published by Atari, this retro-inspired gem will be delivering classic gameplay with new and contemporary flourishes, including a wider variety of deadly enemies and new moves for the player to even out the odds.

Quantum: Recharged screengrab, featuring a "dead zone" drawn by a player

Players will square up against waves of enemies – the aim of the game is to encircle and entrap groups of foes with your ship, creating punishing dead zones that destroys whatever is within its boundaries. Quantum: Recharged offers no guns, lasers, or missiles to take foes down with, challenging players to progress through increasingly difficult levels by mastering their ship’s manoeuvrability to avoid fatal amounts of damage. Don’t worry, though – alongside the new move sets are powerups you can snag for crucial buffs like unlimited dodging and enemy freezing.

Quantum: Recharged screengrab, featuring new enemies and obstacles.

You can choose from either Challenge Mode or Arcade Mode depending on if you want to take on the game’s 25 unique levels, or if you just want to see how long you can last against progressively difficult enemy waves. Both of these modes have their own global leaderboards, and allow you to play with a friend to cover more ground!

Quantum: Recharged screengrab, depicting some of the new enemies you can encounter.

Featuring energetically infectious beats from award-winning composer Megan McDuffie, Quantum: Recharge promises a fusion of frenetic gameplay and quick problem-solving. The game launches on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Atari VCS, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S on August 17, 2023!

Check out the official website to find out more.

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