Awesome, anime Hack n Slash, Croixleur, is OUT NOW!

We’re very pleased to announce that Croixleur is now available to buy on the Rice Digital Store today. Croixleur is the latest title from Nyu Media and Souvenir Circ – which centers around the beautiful Lucrezia Visconti, who must battle against enemy hordes to wrestle power from a childhood rival.



Now that the basics of the story are out for the way, we can get down to the meat and bones of it – which is a very solid, very colourful and hugely enjoyable arcade style hack n slash!



Battle is confined to an arena, and the basic goal of Story Mode is to clear out each stage, before being allowed to move on to the next – accessed by choosing a portal.


Taking down enemies and advancing stages will unlock new weapons for you – and these are important, as these effectively open up more attacks for you to use.


Before a game starts, you can equip any new weapons you’ve unlocked and assign them to a button – and holding L and tapping any of your weapon buttons will unleash that weapons special attack. These attacks have a range of uses in different situations, so choosing the right weapon for your own play style, is the key to success



The fighting system also has enough depth to allow for more advanced techniques – which more skilled players will be able to use to their advantage – and really come into play in the game’s brilliant Survival mode.


Move cancelling, dashing (which brings with it invincibility frames to exploit) attack collision (where simultaneous strikes nullify each other) and Rigid Body States are all nice little additions which can be used to your advantage and provide some pleasing depth to the action and make Croixleur far more than just mashing buttons.


Enemies also drop coins – the amount which drop depends on how dangerous the monster is, and these must be hoovered up quickly to unlock even more powerful attacks.



There’s also a rudimentary levelling up system, where defeating enemies will see your level rise – giving you back a little health and MP that can be used on special attacks.


All these relatively simple elements combine to provide a really kinetic, dynamic and superbly fun little hack n slash – and is a great ambassador for the kind of quality you can get from the doujin scene.


You can buy Croixleur directly from our store – right here – for a very reasonable £3.49


Finally, do please take time out to support these excellent doujin developers and publishers by voting for Croixleur on Steam Greenlight. Nyu Media have also promised to provide anyone who buys Croixleur from Rice Digital prior to the game being greenlit, that they will also get a code for Steam from Nyu Media.

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