Black Clover PS4 and PC Game Revealed

Have you been following the latest shonen sensation Black Clover? It’s airing right now, but it’s been popular in Japan for far longer, thanks to the manga. Bandai Namco has announced a Black Clover PS4 game, but it’ll also release on PC in the West.


black clover ps4 1


Black Clover: Project Knights is another Bandai Namco anime game, which means it’s likely to be very good. The teaser trailer below is only 19 seconds long, but it gives us a brief look at what the game may be. It’s hard to say whether it’ll be a musou game or an action-adventure game at this point though.



Black Clover: Project Knights will launch next year in the West on both PS4 and PC, but it’ll seemingly be PS4-exclusive in Japan.

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