Bullet Girls Fantasia Introduces Monsters, Magic, & Swords

Bullet Girls is a video game franchise that mixes together both bullets and girls in a much more explicit way that most. But what if Bullet Girls took place in another, more fantastical world? Introducing Bullet Girls Fantasia, which adds monsters, swords, and sorcery to the rooty tooty shooty action we know and love.


Swords? Check. Monsters? Check. Magic? Check. Tanks? Check. Firearms? Of course, of course, check, check, check. Bullet Girls Fantasia takes what fans love about the original Bullet Girls (namely, bullets and girls), and adds — well — fantasia right up in there. D3 Publisher are gonna do what D3 do.


Screenshot from Bullet Girls 2


As expected, interrogation modes will return from the previous games, but with some fantastical twists to suit the new setting. What is an interrogation mode? I’m going to put in a video from Bullet Girls 2, but please, please, please do not watch this at work, on your nan’s sofa, or really anywhere else you might get shamed.



No matter how many times I watch that interrogation video it doesn’t get any easier — and trust me, I’ve seen it a lot. For work reasons, of course. Because I work hard, MUM. GEEZ.


Great, now I have to take a shower. See you all in ten.


Bullet Girls Fantasia will reach our sweaty, sweaty hands in Spring 2018 for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

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